The Alcover By R. Cary

The Alcover

By R. Cary

You mesmerize me with your beauty

Give me heaven on this earth

Only me you allow me to enter

Only to me you will surrender

Always speaking to me

Letting me know when you are 

Near to me, waiting just for me

Like on ocean splashing against

Your algae walls, a smoothness

Only my heart longs to know

Again, what you meant to me

The end of all oceans on earth

The end of creations pursuit,

A desire to always go home

To where it is I came from;

Alcover, you are my perversion

But holding me with such bliss

Never letting me rest, always

Asking for more, so I will 

Find you in the dark, find you 

At night, giving you my ocean

Letting the tide rise, taking the

Oceans pounding, oh Alcover

An allegory of the sea’s folklore

An allegory as the path where 

All ends, where life begins, 

Into the darkness the oceans 

Flow, again and again, but

You don’t relent, you just keep

Taking the oceans pounding

The mother of earth, the giver

Of the air we breathe, you never

Ask for anything more, but to 

Give back to this world,

To give life as your only 

Conquest, as man lives in tides

You Alcover are steady and

Strong, resisting all you take

Only in the ocean’s purpose

Does your life exist, does 

Resilience become your strength;

You let you walls of courage

Endure the bliss of man

Like a siren, luring him in

Then letting him go with the tide

Letting him go as purpose

Served, the greatest feat, 

The beauty of the Alcover, 

Fooling us all, but we are just

A tide, a mere impression

Upon the great walls of the 

Alcover, soon to be lost to time

While the Alcover continues to give

New life to the oceans of earth


The Alcover

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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