Cemetery By R. Cary


By R. Cary

‘Clara’, says Vance. 

I don’t want to go Vance. 

But you have too. It has been one year.  

I can’t even think about her. I loved her so much. 

I know you did Clara. Lacy is dead. You chose this. Remember

her as you said you would. You would give anything. 

Clara rises up, dusts herself off and grabs her sweater.

Clara has lived a year without Lacy. Her fiance. They met after college.

Just 2 years later Lacy suddenly died. 

In grief counseling she met Vance. Vance was kind to her, supporting

Clara when she needed it most. Today was one of those days.

Approaching the cemetery, Vance assures Clara with a shortened smile.

All Clara can do is move forward, closer to Lacy, where she rests.

Vance stands beside Clara reminding her to be strong, reminding her

of her choice, her commitment she has now met. 

‘Clara’, you have kept your promise. Now, I will keep mine. Close your eyes. 

When Clara opens her eyes Lacy is sitting on her grave. Her head was rising. 

She rushes to Lacy, grabbing her hands to lift her towards herself. Their eyes meet, the confusion on Lacy’s face turns to comfort and ease.

Clara embraces Lacy, the solidity of her body for one last moment is all she could ask for.

Grabbing Lacy’s face with a caress of her palm, she says, ‘you are free Lacy’. 

A soft kiss on her lips, Lacy’s eyes shut, opening to only the sight of the cemetery.

Turning, looking for Clara, her eyes narrow in. ‘Clara’, she reads on the 

Cement block sitting on the piece of grass where she stands.

A hand touches her shoulder. Lacy, ‘I am Vance’. It is time to go. 

Lacy, in one year, I can bring Clara back. But you must trade a life for a life.

Will you give your life for hers?

‘I will give anything to see Clara once again’.



By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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