He Said, “She Said” By R. Cary

He Said, “She Said

By R. Cary

He said: No, none of it is true, it just doesn’t exist. This is my life, not that. 

She said: He was an abandoning father, unreliable, never showed up and fear was her only concern

He said: Delusional. She is delusional. Send her to therapy, not me. 

She said: He uses drugs, is an alcoholic and kidnapped our oldest daughter.

He said: I have no answer, it just isn’t true. Well, maybe on Fridays, on Fridays, who knows.

She said: His daughters don’t want to see him. They fear him. They refuse to go with him.

He said: What is she talking about? For 5 years I cared for my daughters since our divorce. I took them to school, my daughters, every day, even not on my days. 

She said: He is lying. I take them to school. I care for them. I am their primary caregiver.

He said: No, she is unreliable, she does not show up, sometimes a week at a time. She refuses to cooperate with me. My daughters do not want to live with her. 

She said: One time 7 years ago he called me a bad name. One time 8 years ago he didn’t pick me up from work. For two years he never met his youngest daughter. 

He said: What are you talking about? I held your legs while I helped deliver her, just as I did with our first. I have seen both my daughters almost every day since birth. 

She said: Without saying, you hurt me. Now I am going to hurt you. I declare, he is bad, he is dangerous, and one time, 12 years ago he threw a plate. When he grew up, he was abused. His parents are a danger to the children. I am just terrified, as recently, he planned to kidnap the children to Chicago. 

He said: Without saying a word, he looked up at the judge and said, ‘I don’t stand a chance’. 

She said: Thank you your honor.


He Said, She Said

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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