Helter II By R. Cary

Helter II

By R. Cary

Helter wore his shame, his guilt within the constructs of his existence. Here, tonight, was his freedom. 

Staring out the window, the dusk of night holds his gaze. The glaring remnants of 2066 are portrayed as an orange tinge brushing the night, bringing back memories.

’33 years ago Helter’, a soft voice says. 

Helena’s soul was soft itself, a whisper of being. With her cheek against Helter’s back, she soothes him as her hands generate friction covering his body. The solitude of the night was where both Helter and Helena could wear the depths of their souls. Helter needed deep connection and purpose in his life, Helena found her’s in Helter. His stare out the window wasn’t one of ease and pleasure, but one of seeking. 

‘Helter’, what do you see out there? Tell me what you see. You see the world differently than most of us. I can’t see what you see, I only see the truth of your desires when you get like this. Your heart beats to exist out there. What are you looking for? 

Helter and Helena continued on with their night, resting within the tint of the sky. Their room glows just slightly orange from the horizon’s night. Both without a thought, just reflection upon the stillness of the night. What they both are unaware of is their journey to come. By the time they wake their paths that crossed many years ago will become the purpose of their life.


Helter II

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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