New Year’s Eve By R. Cary

New Year’s Eve

By R. Cary

Today is the first day I have seen my daughters in 4 years.

I remember every detail. The beauty of their smiles. The gentleness of their souls.

Every moment a whisper of heaven when I am with my daughters.

Their laughs. Their absurdity. The way one eats and the other does not.

How their adoration for me, something they will never confess, breathes through their skin.

But that was then. How are they now? I have missed them so much.

It is New Year’s Eve. Almost 4 years to the date. I am ready. I can do this.

My frailty is peaking through. What if they don’t like me anymore?

What if they don’t recognize me? Laugh at my jokes? It is okay. Just love them.

All they need is your love. Just being here today is love. You are here.

Just speak. Say their names. They will recognize you. Trust your love. 

There they are now. Side by side. Just as wonderful as the day they were born.

Beneath the grass, below the tombstone, resting; I only see heaven as I lay my flowers.


New Year’s Eve

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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