Pandemic Cure By R. Cary

Pandemic Cure

By R. Cary

Googling, scrolling, it is never enough

Covid, corona, what number are we on?

19 = 19 times in the last minute I

Picked up my device, some call it a phone;

Fauci, Trump, Oh! my god we are all gonna

Die, death, in silence I bereave my death.

Pop culture, always the cure, Just Bieber?

No, what is China doing? Russa? I know,

Read Lit Hub, it is always the cure or

Google News, I need today’s muse

For my imagination to engage again

But this disease has silenced my soul, 

Go outside, wait no, outside could =

Death, You Tube, let me hear some

Imagine Dragons, no, Lauren Daigle,

Repeat, repeat, repeat, then repeat 

Again, until that thing, that device

Becomes something new, as I was once

Told, this device is also a telephone

So, I say, Grandma, how are you? 

I then learned what was truly the cure.


Pandemic Cure

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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