River By R. Cary


By R. Cary

Walking on the River’s edge, my soul only thinks to drift. 

Wondering in my heart, what my life would be like

If I crossed the River’s edge. 

A flowing stream, a consciousness pulsing along

The earth. Beating its own path, running its own course,

If only I knew its rhythm

I could jump right in, live as one with this earth.

Through the River’s muse, I could be as one;

If only I was brave enough

To let go, to face my fears of uncertainty, to trust

This River, to listen to its eternal bliss,

If I only I knew how

To live in my instincts, to trust my own self beliefs

To say to myself, I can only live for the next 

If only I knew tomorrow 

Would never come. I would live like today was my last

And jump in this river’s course, letting it give to me

If only I could let this River guide me.

Truth in this life, truth in what was here before me

A living history right in front me, if only I knew

What this river knew, how much more

Knowledge this river has than me. So much I want to know.

Each ripple an exposure of truth, each turn of life

If only I knew what was ahead on this journey,

This River has carved to live, a story we should all see

In our humanity. We over time have our truth to become

If only I could tell our truth, our

Beaten paths wearing this world into canyons of our will,

Letting truth and pureness arrive in our ripples of faith

If only I could see

We are the river, flowing with purpose with this earth

A relentless humanity, living as this mother earth.

If only I could see.



By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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