Seattle, Washington By R. Cary

Seattle, Washington

By R. Cary

Seattle, Washington is located 2,757 miles from Washington, D. C. in the United States of America. This is no coincidence. After the civil war was lost by the south and Abraham Lincoln banned vampires from the United States (Fictionalized in the movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter), under leadership of the Cohen family (Fictionalized in the movie Twilight), the vampires abandoned their homestead of Louisiana (fictionalized in the movie Interview with a Vampire). Seeking refuge elsewhere, Cohen urged the vampires to move to present day Seattle, Washington. At the time, when the civil war ended in 1865, present day Washington was a part of the Oregon territory. The Cohen family convinced the vampires in Louisiana to move to the Oregon territory for safety, choosing the furthest point from Washington, D.C. in the continental U.S. to avoid persecution. On November 11, 1889, through the efforts of the Cohen family and a coalition of vampires, a treaty with then governor of Oregon Sylvester Pennoyer to annex what is now known as the state of Washington was signed. The Cohen’s and the vampire coalition committed to Pennoyer that no vampires will feed on Oregon citizenry. Seattle itself began with Luther M. Collins, Henry Van Asselt, Jacob Maple (great great grandfather of fictionalized Jacob the shape shifter/werewolf in Twilight) and Samuel Maple who settled on a claim on the banks of the Duwamish River to prevent vampire attacks in the area. In 1869, this claim became the city of Seattle. To this day, the descendants of Collins, Asselt, and both Maples work to limit vampire attacks in the area, while the Cohen’s are working endlessly on technology to find a cure for vampires. 


Seattle, Washington

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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