St. Michael Of Wrath By R. Cary

St. Michael of Wrath

By R. Cary

St. Michael, deliver me into my wrath, give me your armor, let me love your

Shield, let my sword be swift and my pursuit of justice upright

As I enter into the life of a warrior’s faith, let my soul rise,

Breathe into me your Arch Angel’s light, your purpose to

Live in me, letting your soul rise, letting your wings make me

Strike from up high; St Michael, deliver me into my wrath

Unleashing the darkside of light, the darkness in God’s might

My human born wrath with the vengeance of your fear

Leading the army of righteousness and pure human good;

Protecting the weak, the poor, and the pure that have sinned,

Guiding the lost, giving to those in need, an act of brutality

With the touch of an Angel’s care, the love of an Angel’s heart

Living on this earth fighting the eternal war, fighting for

Purity in each human’s soul, fighting till my life never ends

Fighting when I am scared, fighting when my pulse ignores;

St Michael, deliver me into my wrath, let my heart be steady,

Give my eyes clarity and my soul the light of God’s Love,

Let me love the mistaken, the forsaken, the lost in humanity

Allowing my courage of your own lion heart to sustain my path

Holding your shield as my own, wearing your golden armory

In pride, with justice as I release a rapture on all who have left

The dominion of all that is Good, all that is human divination;

St. Michael, give me the scales of justice to hold them as I

Walk in the valleys of the damned where temptations rests;

Strike me in these moments, let my armor shine pure and true,

St. Michael, this I ask as my duty and God given design to

In my life live as my eternal self as a warrior of human faith

Unleashing the veracity of my heart living as the Blonde Beast of faith

Tearing through this world with the gentleness of the Golden Lion’s roar

Holding divinity in my warrior’s strength living as the St. Michael of Wrath

Destining truth and goodness above all else, above all evil

I will only fight for the goodness of your heart and what is right

In each step I take, I will wear your shield of unyielding courage

To the belief in reaching only Atlas Higher, through the bond of Eros,

Each of us transcending our time on this earth through belief

In touching the souls of those we love, those we care about

Living in compassion of ourselves through undying strength

To love our own hearts with faith and conviction born into us,

As our Iron Gate of the Iron Born, destined to deliver our

Shields of our eternal selves as this life hears our human wrath;

St. Michael, let me wear your heart, your determination to fight

For the Good, the caring, the loving in all our might, let my mind be wise

My vision beyond my human sight to see with clarity over the dominion

Of the righteous, from heaven’s gate let my heart be worn, as a shield of light


St. Michael of Wrath

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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