The Necklace By R. Cary

The Necklace

By R. Cary

The opening of the door came. I could only run. No, don’t.

Baby needs you.


Come here my baby.

I am scared.

It’s okay. Just stay with me baby.

Is he here?

Yes baby. He is. But he can’t hurt us anymore. 

Carol’s eyes suddenly piercing up to the floor boards.

‘Thud’, ‘Thud’, ‘Thud’. She covers her baby’s ears. 

As the door opens, the light causes them to creep to the corner.

Away from sight. 

He walks down the stairs and unzips the body bag. 

A single female. Forgetting for a moment about her baby,

Counting the steps he takes as he heads back up the stairs,

Gathering as much information as she can. 

Baby had covered his ears. The unzipping rattled him. 

Before Carol could stop baby, baby walked over to the girl.

Standing next to her. He sees the pile. 

Body after body. He just stares.

The ones on top were a little more fresh. 

Closer to the bottom the bodies were rotting.

Looking a little closer baby says, ‘hey, that one has my necklace’

Carol walks over to baby, her baby and says, ‘I know baby, I know’.


The Necklace

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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