The Paintress By R. Cary

The Paintress

By R. Cary

I saw her like a painting, a piece of beauty frozen in time. It’s as if Michael Angelo just painted his latest creation and brought her to life. Her movement touched this earth with such grace the world behind her brightens to the tone of her skin. I can just imagine her reaching her arm out as she passes along the oils of her skin onto this world, showing a twinkle in her eye as she gazes at you, leaving your soul mesmerized, wanting to know more. All I can do is follow, all I can do is desire more, to feel in your life what your heart has craved. 

You let the bus pass by, you can only stand to your feet, your soul searching from your eyes. You begin to seek, but you have lost sight. Turning, just slightly, you can see no more, just her. It is as if she knows your desires, knows what you want with just the sight of your eyes. Slowly, as her hand touches the corner her head turns, her eyes invite. She, just as you, cannot escape the intricacy of the precious work of art, a work of art you are now a part of. 

As you turn the corner, a door is left open in the alley. You follow your intentions and arrive atop of the stairs to an open canvas of an artist. She moves her eyes towards the chair in the middle of the room. Looking around you see hundreds of blanketed canvasses. Your heart desires to see her, through her art. You ask, ‘may I see some of your art’? The Paintress merely lifts her arm and raises it down. You accept her invitation and sit, carefully, mimicking her fluidity. For the first time, she speaks. ‘Please remove your clothes’, then turns around to prepare her canvas. You can do nothing else but disrobe and again, sit, knowing patience is required of you. Smiling, she says, ‘stare right here, into my eyes and you will see’. With each brush she begins to create her art. You, sitting in the chair, begin to lose feeling in your legs, your arms, your body. You raise your arm, look down at your legs, but nothing is there. Raising your eyes you can only stare at her beauty. In just moments, her work of art is complete. 

Staring into her eyes you begin to look past her, to an empty chair. You look back into her eyes as she touches you with one last stroke of her brush. The Paintress takes a step back giving her work of art the admiration it deserves, covering her new creation calling it #203, ‘Enslaving Men’.


The Paintress

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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