Winter’s Soul By R. Cary

Winter’s Soul

By R. Cary

The coldness of the air, the graze of chill against our skin; winter,

Our souls solitude living in respite. The warmth of residing inside ourselves,

Sheltered in body and mind, I ask you to reflect. For in this New Year,

As we again venture towards our best selves, what we have missed

Will guide us, open us to letting us see the simplicity of closeness as

Action towards higher, better, more whole as action in our space.

The space we create, the space we leave behind, the space we enter into,

Where in moments definitions begin constructs of goodness creating

Necessary conditions of kindness, the truth of our opportunities missed,

The simplicity of our reflection, the nature of the space we choose to condition.

In this New Year, let us enter our Winter’s Soul and reflect on one simplicity,

Our missed opportunities of kindness, our space of goodness to fill through

Opening our sanctity of space as a gift, an action towards all we love;

In the New Year, let our Winter’s soul become our bonded creed of space.


Winter’s Soul

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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