“You” By R. Cary


By R. Cary


You have abolished my sense of self, my self-sanctuary into abolition. You have negated my personal morality once of attestation. My vengeance, once of chivalrous design, now of human designed disdain. You. You deny me. Exploit me into insignificance. You, giving my soul for the hyenas to feed. Stripping my liberties from my faith. You, who ravages my loves as piranhas feed. You. The putrid stench rotting my existence. It is you. It is all you. I remember you. Before you became an infection of the devil’s disease. You. Before Dracula became your muse to be, the sucker of blood and soul. You, before you became a lost intention of cause. I remember you. Who you were. To me. Once, you were the golden armor I wore with pride. You were once the reincarnation of the warriors of St. Michael’s Wrath. It was you who came to my side. It was you who defended me. Kept me safe. Cared for my mind, my heart, my pursuits of justice. You, who took the time when I was crying. Internally. Combusting. It was you who I accepted into my life. It was you who showed me to remember I care. It was always you. It is still you. I need you. The you I loved. The you who I have given myself to. Gave my secrets too. It is you. It is still up to you. It will always be up to you. Now, as I give myself again, will it be you




By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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