Justice For Eros, Ourselves

Justice For Eros, Ourselves

By R. Cary

Only living to reach our highest voice of deliverance arousing sensuality

Of closeness as our aesthetics of destiny pursue its voice of justice

We give to this earth; in this journey, truth of justice, justice of ourselves,

Justice of others as definitions through our actions of higher morality

Deserving our willed consciousness elevating heated perceptions

Into fluid constructs molded when challenges erupt into our momentum

We walk the path of human dignity as our ultimate cause sharing momentous

Struggles as caressing touches only to be soothed with sensuality

Of our stories, our truths, our journeys as stories of living perceptions

Knowing the truth of each as we give humanity’s experience of justice

Of infinity on this earth knowing when we ravage our pain morality

Only grows to a sculpture rising to meet heaven’s cause towards ourselves

Our lives that this journey is ours and it is ours to take, within ourselves

We will live as the mighty us, by our wings we grace the crevices of momentum

Knowing Elysium is by our side guiding so no human will fail in morality;

Zofloya in their ear, the petulance of a fallen soul devoured in sensual

Acts of kindness we show, to ourselves, to humanity as we live in justice’s

Pursuit of reaching this burden of iron eros, our hearts final perception

Justice of dignity we will carry every step in our lives; in our perceptions

We have become the guardians of this iron gate, as sanctuary of ourselves

Shielding our frailty’s wilting our fears into congregations of pure human justice;

Destiny, the truth of who we are now, the purpose of this momentum

We have learned, we will carry in all our lives, as we surrender to sensual

Bonded eros, as your common purpose, destined to acts of morality

Of our hearts and minds; vigilance to enfold sheathing textures of morality;

Vengeful fortitude soaking in our defeated decadence upholding perceptual

Dignity in our conquered state when the void reaches upon our sensuality

Grasping our purpose seeking the death of our fallen lost souls, ourselves

I look to those near to me, those who have never left my side, my momentum

My muses of; my two religions of this earth and the next; in us justice

Upon our lives; only in this world of eros, a togetherness bonded to our justice

Will seek only higher, in this graceful moment, this occasion building momentum

To bridge this iron seeking atlas higher to reach the truth of our lives, morals,

The passion of being humans of art defining our place in our world’s perceptions

As we always were the angels of our muses, our own stories of ourselves

Is the truth of our lives, through the closeness of our bonds, in our sensuality

Bonded to us through arrival on this earth, a gift of sensuality

Flowing as grace into challenges sculpting dignity defining our justice;

Eros as truth of choice caresses through serenity our highest selves

Our highest resolve accepted as truth as we continue to learn morality

As the molten pursues our strength to deliver divinity’s perceptions

Exacts in moments of design, is the truth to define as momentum

Meets the creation of our bond when tenacity lights the momentous

Salvation molded through willed acts we enact breathing our sensuality;

Validation as we seek to construct this iron bridge of faithful perceptions

The only choice we know to make, as we learn to love, choice of justice

The path of the iron born, and we will let this mountain of iron’s morals

Flow, looking only and now, towards ourselves, who we are, ourselves

Forever and now, I encompass the brutality of this mountain of us

Humans of faith hunting to heal our design, from the molten momentum

Of ashes of this life’s earth serenity will flourish as my guided morality

Dignifying up high once again furthering gritted determination in sensuality

Solidifying our core bearing to forbear the absence of this life; justice,

Its painful destiny deriving its conjuring of humanity’s own perceptions

Destined to deliver our shields of our eternal selves as this life’s perceptions

Feels our human wrath molded from our once fallen selves, as ourselves

An angel’s muse, lost into our souls, we, through this requiem of justice

Our symposium through the bonded goodness of traversing or momentum

In pursuit of atlas of higher has arrived, as our journey into sensuality

Burgeoning from beneath the cadence listening into our soul’s morality

Gracing the heavens above upon this earth; we grasp, we claw to morality

Serving ourselves into the history of truth, guiding the falling into our perceptions

To listen to our hearts of purposeful morality atoning the darkness into sensuality

Healing the fractures of our lives, as we will only rise, in pursuit of ourselves

In destiny always on our side, we will always listen, we will always be momentum

Loving ourselves, illuminating our eternity in the flowing of heaven’s justice

Descending, raising our mighty light as dignity, faith, our virtues of justice

Our own muses of human courage and strength, the hunters of morality

Our own determination to bridge this journey for all to follow, in our momentum

To cross into the path of the good, as phoenix’s give rise to our perceptions

All who will be born of their ashes, all who are like me, like you, ourselves

Living in brutality of human warfare loving only to forgive our sins in sensuality

Eros guides us through all our flaws, bonded in our journey through sensuality

Our journey of goodness too strong, our mighty army lighting creation of ourselves

Guiding molded aesthetics into our destined deliverance of our heart’s perceptions

Bonded in the molten dignity of this iron bridge risen from the ashes, our perceptions

Faith in dignity reaches the mountain of atlas higher as we begin to thank ourselves

In our bond, our acts of kindness and compassion, as we follow eros to human sensuality


Justice For Eros, Ourselves

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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