My Integrity, By Design

My Integrity, By Design

By R. Cary

My integrity, brittle as I am, as brilliant as I am, my introspection of self,

Never to be broken, never to be uncommitted, always in a challenge

Seeking, working to construct, narrate, live as a human being of spectrum;

Breadth, depth, wideness, viscosity all I encounter to conquer truth,

A truth I need you to accept, this wall will not crumble, brittle maybe,

But its brilliance by design has never faltered, never let rain, snow, or sleet

Penetrate its strength and courage, a metaphor for us; this is the time, the space

Beckoning our existence, our encounters where we shall face our eternity;

Truth in our design, awaiting, bringing us forth, towards, a warm embrace

Into this journey, validation will occur, as I use this wall as a mirror of

Deception, giving it new determination, new purpose, rewriting history as

Salvation, a new definition of construction accomplished, a story of this

Iron bridge, into the new lands, a bridge already crossed, as the heavens have

Heard us, the Gods have spoken, through the thunder of their love, a new

Opportunity has arrived, by Zeus’s hand the lightning has struck; elevation

Lifted, destiny of a female’s faith arrived, the terrain all new, the colors

Breathing into us, reminding us of our robes of black and gold, mighty

Heirs and heiresses roaming this new land, seeking to determine our might,

Scaffolding our will across these skies, as we feel, sense, take pleasure in

These females of Gods guiding our intuition, giving us guidance to love and

Care as, we pave these lands with our hearts through our actions of kindness,

Compassion, a new way, just in time, as it always, a faith in design; now it is time,

Our space has arrived and we will fill this space with what we already know,

Our hearts of pure gold, our souls born by design to take these mighty lands;

This is our journey, to enter the realm of eternity’s flames until light will persevere

Strengthening the path of goodness for humanity to decide against the crackled 

Whip of Hades’ flames is purity in human resilience rising against eternal despair 

Tendering souls of evil with the choice of light; I will rile my anger, protrude 

My ancient light as my sword of justice releasing my soul for unbound raptures 

Of a rage the dark has never felt since the dawn of man, my brutality of courage

Encompassing myself with the wrath of the Gods seeking the goodness of right 

Through souls of the eternally damned within the abscesses of the lurking 

Leeches of human misery consuming the sustenance of their existence with 

One mighty strike; my integrity by design, lives in the courage to walk these lands

Where truth and justice of ourselves becomes the forbidden wall of darkened fate denied


My Integrity, By Design

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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