Requiem By R. Cary


By R. Cary

This is my requiem, my moral vengeance in testation

Congregated through unity of this tenacious story:

I have lived in the cornerstones of faith and the

Crossroads of hell arrived through the two intricate

Destinations – 1. The syndicate of self-recognition;

2. The syndicate uniting my eternity in divinity,

Certainty, the swooning umbilical cord unraveling;

Atonement as my gauntlet of life appeared, sighted

A parallel of ubiquity lineated as destiny swaying

In motion, my eyes, my eyes arise, tinted on persuasive

Allegories motioning spectrums of perception feeling

Embodied acceptance of this bridge of brutality merging

Rotted concepts with the conviction of only faith forward

Through this gauntlet, over this sanctuary of self-refraction

A vision from the eternal womb; my aspirations only of higher



By R. Cary

Copyright 2023


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